Natural Wood and Black Metal Hanging Shelf



Natural Wood and Black Metal Hanging Shelf

This gorgeous piece is looking for the perfect home. With three suspended shelves, this shelving unit makes a wonderful display space! This piece uses a pair key hole hooks to hang. Add small plants to liven it up, or simply decorate with small trinkets.


39" x 5" x 29"t

Shelf Length:

Small: 11.5"

Medium: 20.5"

Large: 30.5"

Shelf Width:


Distance Between Shelves:

Small to Top: 7"

Medium to Small: 8"

Large to Medium: 8.5"

Top Bar Measurements:

Entire Top Bar: 39.5"

Key Hole Hook to Key Hole Hook: 36"

Diameter of Circular Key Hole Hanger:


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