Large Rectangular Vanity Mirror in White Finish



Large Rectangular Vanity Mirror in White Finish

This vanity mirror features a thick wooden frame that comes in a beautiful white finish. This piece would be perfect for a bedroom or bathroom! This is a great wall mirror that can bring a very refined and modern feel to your home! This large rectangular mirror is a great piece of decor that will be a natural center piece wherever you put it! The beautiful white finish makes this piece a perfect fit for any modern or contemporary design scheme. The mirror is particularly striking when paired with a contrasting black background, as can be seen in the first listing photo.

Finished Dimensions:

25″ x 31″ (63.5 x 78.74 cm)

Inner Mirror Size (if applicable):
24″ x 30″ (60.96 X 76.2 cm)

Frame Profile Size:
Width: 0.71″ (1.8 cm)
Depth: 2″ (5 cm)

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