Hanging Arched Shelf with Galvanized Shelves



Hanging Arched Shelf with Galvanized Shelves

This beautifully crafted Hanging Arched Shelf has wire mesh lined doors with a galvanized metal back and a wood frame. It hangs on the wall with keyhole hangers and the doors close with magnets. It is a truly wonderful piece that could be a stunning addition to your home! It would work perfectly as a medicine cabinet in any bathroom or a décor piece in any living room. This is a large piece, and it feels even larger in person which makes it a perfect focal point in any room! It has a wonderful farmhouse feel!

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28W x 8D x 36H

Shelf to Shelf Dimensions:

Bottom to Middle Shelf: 10.5"

Middle to Top Shelf: 10.25"

Top Shelf to Top of Cabinet: 13"

Shelf Length:


Shelf Depth:


Door Dimensions:

Height: 36

Length: 13.75"



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