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Founded in 2013, Weathered Finishes is a family owned and operated company located in beautiful Gilbert, Arizona. We are well positioned to service your Home Decor Needs Nationwide, and ship to all 50 states on a daily basis.

Since our inception, Weathered Finishes has launched many successful products in a variety of sizes and styles. From breathtaking 20 Foot Windmill Towers to our unique Craft metal numbers and letters, all of our products are sure to draw attention and admiration.

We take pride in selling unique, quality products that meet several quality standards that allow you to see the value and craftsmanship in any item you purchase from us. As the Home Decor market continues to grow, we have seen many lower quality, low cost goods flood the market. It is our commitment to never follow this course, we refuse to use any materials that will not withstand our longstanding quality requirements. 

Rest assured, when you buy a product from Weathered Finishes, it is our mission to provide a quality product, and ship it quickly.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please fee free to contact us!

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