8 Inch Metal Roman Numeral Clock Set - Includes Numerals I-XII -Rusty or Natural Steel Finish

Finish: Rusty


8 Inch Roman Numerals. Great for Spool Clocks and other fun DIY projects!

Available in Rusty or Natural Steel. These Roman Numerals are cut from 20 gauge steel and are rigid and firm.

They can be drilled or adhered to just about any surface. You can also paint the natural version if desired. Great value for a high quality metalwork.

Includes Roman Numerals 1-12. Clock hands and motor not included.

Great fit for larger clock projects

Usually Ships in 2-4 business days. Ships via USPS.

Looking for different sizes? We offer 1.5", 2", 3", 4", 5", 6" , 8" and 10" sizes in both Clock Numbers and Roman Numeral Clock Sets!

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