Awesome DIY Project!  8 Foot Windmill Head and Tail Kit

Windmills are timeless and work in almost any setting. This 8 foot Windmill Head Kit is exactly what you need to make your yard or garden space truly unique.

Make it your own and save big with a Windmill Head and Tail Kit. Sourcing the lumber locally, and building the tower base on your own allows you to save hundreds vrs buying a fully complete windmill. Our beautiful windmill head and tail kits come with an instruction manual that explains how to build the wooden base, and what to buy. This makes our product far cheaper, easier to ship, and it allows you to put personal touches on you windmill to make it truly unique.

The 8 foot Windmill Head Kit is priced better than competitors, while also being made from top of the line materials that are manufactured in the USA. It is also our easiest kit to assemble because it is the smallest and the lightest, while still being tough enough to serve as a fully-functioning windmill.

These are several of the reasons why our beautiful windmill kit is superior to any competition. This kit provides the buyer with the ultimate farmhouse decoration, the sturdy and fully functioning windmill can provide a yard with charm that would be hard to capture any other way. The windmill kit will also be an incredible conversation starter for years to come, not only will you be able to tell friends and family that you are the owner of a beautiful windmill, but you will also be able to tell them how you took part in creating it.

If you want to give your yard that perfect farmhouse feel, then the 8 foot windmill kit is for you.

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