Metal Letters and Numbers!  So many Fun projects!

If you are looking for metal crafting pieces to complete a unique and personalized project, then you absolutely need to check out the metal numbers, letters and roman numerals sold by Weathered Finishes.

Their  numbers, shapes and Numerals range in size from 1.5 inches to 12 inches, while the letters and roman numerals range from 2 to 12. These products are incredibly customizable, you can make any word, a last name, and address, there are extremely wide ranging possibilities. I recently used our very own metal numbers to put together an incredible sign displaying my address.

In addition to being very high quality fixtures, these metal works are well priced and provide the buyer with the opportunity to buy an American made product while also supporting a small business.

You are not going to find such an incredible combination of quality and pricing anywhere else.

Weathered Finishes is the perfect place for you to look if you want great material for your next DIY project.

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