Your Source for Farmhouse Decor!

Everybody wants to find that one home decor item that will make a room memorable, a piece that can serve as both a decorative centerpiece and a conversation starter.

You will find several incredible products at Weathered Finishes can serve that purpose. The rustic farmhouse decor that is sold at Weathered Finishes is unique, sturdy and beautiful, and it will give you that opportunity to truly bring a room to life.

Whether it be our lighting fixtures, clocks, metalwork, or our one of a kind windmills, we have exactly what you need to pull off an amazing farmhouse look. These pieces fit in any room or space that you could think of. You can incorporate them into any style or look that you want.

Not only are these items incredible, they also come at very reasonable prices. We sell American made products that are sturdy and long lasting, and the majority of our listings on sale for less than $100.

Incorporating a farmhouse decor style into your home can add character and life into your home. Weathered Finishes is the perfect place to find the rustic farmhouse piece that you have always dreamed of.

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