1.5 Inch Clock Number Set. Includes Numbers 1-12

Finish: Natural Steel


These numbers are cut from quality 20 gauge American steel, and are perfect for small clocks, DIY crafting, address signs, and all sorts of fun projects. These Numbers are not flimsy at all, but rather quite rigid and easy to work with.

Choose between Rusty or Natural Steel finish..

Rusty Finish:  Aged to a nice rustic patina, these will work inside or out, and give a true rustic charm. For outdoor use, we recommend treating with a clearcoat or polyurethane to prevent rust from running over time.

Natural Steel:  This is brand new, untreated steel. Ideal for projects that will be painted, or leave them as is for a natural look. You can also rust them to achieve your own look, *

***Please note: If you do not paint or treat  the Natural Steel numbers or  letters with a paint or clearcoat, they may rust over time.

These are truly great Quality and Fast Shipping!

Looking for Letters or different sizes? We offer 1.5", 2", 3", 4", 5", 6" , 8" ,10", 12" sizes in Numbers, Letters, and Roman Numerals.

Typically Ships with in 1-3 days or sooner

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